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ArtCraft Braid Rope

Excellent Rope - designed specifically for the equine industry and 

made in the USA!

Available in

 several colors

 Soft, Semi-stiff, or Very Stiff 


Double Braid Polyester 

Leads and Reins

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Y Knot Rope Tack fabricates equipment for  trainers and businesses, including

Michael Battenfield

Battenfield Horsemanship


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Total Transformation Horsemanship


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Carolina Horsemanship

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 Justin Mundt Horsemanship

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 Versatile Horsemanship, LLC

UP Michigan

Ted Schleuter

 Harmony Horsemanship

Southern Wisconsin

Anne Van Dyke

Brave Horse Center


and has a "referral relationship"

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Scott "Indy" O'Connor 

 Agape Natural Horsemanship

Northern Illinois

Jamie Belcher HorsemanshipX

Western Michigan

Roger Skogen

R&S Rolling Ranch

Southern Wisconsin

Will Atkinson

ARC Horsemanship



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Barrington Saddlery

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Superior Harmony Saddle & Harness

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ArtCraft Braid Rope, Samson Rope, Clearance Rope, General Information on Rope Fibers, Types of Splices


Lead Ropes, Long Lines, Mecate Reins, Loop Reins and Split Reins are made with double braid rope, sometimes referred to as "yacht rope". (This is not the ordinary, run-of-the-mill rope found in your local hardware shop or farm supply store.) Since it has migrated to the horse world from the boating industry, it is extremely durable and weather resistant. Double braid rope is the type most often used with natural horsemanship techniques because it communicates your cues quicker and more effectively. There are two reasons for this: Because of its construction—a braided cover over a separate braided core—it is really two ropes in one and each can move independently of the other. This creates that "live" feel that many professionals talk about. A double braid rope is also heavier for its size than regular rope so your horse will be able to feel the slightest movement of your lead or rein. These two factors combine to make it easier for your horse to understand your cues. If you have never used a double braid rope before, you will definitely notice the difference just by picking it up and giving it a flick.

All types of Halters are made with double braid rope or halter cord. Double braid rope used for halters is the same as described above except for its smaller diameter. Halter cords are constructed with a braided cover over a non-braided core. They can range in firmness from semi stiff to very stiff. The important factors when dealing with rope for making halters are the diameter and firmness of the rope. The smaller diameter of a rope halter—relative to a nylon web or leather halter—applies more pressure per square inch and gives instant release when the horse gets the right answer. The firmness of the rope will determine the level of comfort for your horse. The smaller and stiffer the rope, the more uncomfortable it will be for the horse to lean against it or ignore your cues. A rope with a larger diameter and/or a softer feel will be less aggressive. I make halters in a variety of rope sizes and firmness levels so you can choose the one that is right for you and your horse at your particular stage of training.


It is important to note that no product or rope is a magic bullet that will solve all your horse’s problems by itself but, as with any project, using the right tools for the job really does make a difference. Web halters and regular poly lead ropes may get the job done eventually, but rope halters and double braid leads and reins will enhance your training and help you get quicker results.   (You can chop down a tree with an axe.... but a chain saw gets the job done faster!)

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Excellent rope!  This east coast company contacted me and other rope tack fabricators to help design their line of equine rope.  While regular "yacht" rope (double braid rope) works very well for training, it is designed for the boating industry.  This Artcraft Braid product line is designed for the horse industry.  True size diameters (1/2" marine rope is designed to fit through a 1/2" ring so it is slightly undersized) and a tighter weave in the cover for less snags (marine rope is not dragged on the ground through sticks and gravel) are just a couple differences.  Artcraft Braid tweaked and refined it until they got it "just right".  This is the rope I use for trainer product lines and the rope I prefer for my own equipment.  It is available in a wide variety of sizes, types and colors, at a more economical price than the marine brands like New England and Samson, and it is manufactured in the USA!

Double Braid Polyester:

Constructed with a braided polyester cover over a braided polyester core - very strong and durable with just the right "feel". 

1/4" diameter for halters, side pull halters, bitless bridle halters, headstalls, browbands, strings, rope slobber straps, rein connectors, dog leashes, etc. 

Halter type:  Soft

1/4" Solid Colors: Black, Tan, Brown, Hunter Green, Burgundy, Blue, Purple, Red, Neon Orange, Yellow, Neon Green, Coral Pink, Raspberry*

*Note: Raspberry colored yarn is not available in polyester, so the raspberry double braid has the same polyester core as the other 1/4" rope but the cover is made of polypropylene.  Halters made with this rope will have a similar feel and performance but are slightly lighter weight and may be a bit less durable - the trade-off for choosing this vibrant color.




9/32" diameter is just slightly larger than 1/4" and can be used for the same items.  (This rope is an earlier version of the 1/4" double braid and was made before Artcraft revised their 1/4" to be more true to size.  Close-out -- available only while supplies lasts.)

9/32" Solid Colors:  Coral Pink, Navy

9/32" Fleck Colors: Hunter Green with Tan, Black with Coral Pink



3/8" diameter for draft halters, lead ropes for minis, light weight long lines, thinner reins and mecates, dog leashes, etc.

Solid Color:  Black only at this time


1/2" diameter for lead ropes, long lines, reins, mecates, etc.

Solid Colors: Black, Tan, Brown, Hunter Green, Burgundy, Blue, Purple, Red,  Neon Orange, Neon Green, Coral Pink  

Pattern:  Violet Combo - raspberry*, purple, black

                Rainbow - blue, purple, red, neon orange, yellow, neon green

Heather:  Silverado - silver, burgundy, hunter green, navy



*Note: Raspberry colored yarn is not available in polyester, so the raspberry portion of this double braid combo is made of polypropylene.  It has the same polyester core as the other 1/2" rope and the purple and black strands are polyester.  Since such a small portion of the rope is polypropylene, the rope has a similar feel and performance as the other 1/2" rope.






5/8" diameter for lead ropes, reins, mecates (Note:  Artcraft labels this rope as 9/16" but it measures out to 5/8".  To avoid confusion, I will refer to this rope as 5/8".)

Solid Color: Black only


3/4" diameter for lead ropes, reins, mecates (Note:  Artcraft labels this rope as 5/8" but it measures out closer to 3/4".  To avoid confusion, I will refer to this rope as 3/4".  It is very thick, heavy rope.  Easy to grip and hold but quite a bit heavier than the 1/2" or 5/8" rope.)

Solid Color: Black only


Comparison of all sizes of double braid polyester - plus lacing cord

description and color options for lacing cord are on About the Trim page

top to bottom: 1/8" lacing cord, 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4"



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5/16" Halter Cord:

Constructed with a polyester cover - for strength and durability - over a polypropylene core - for lightness and a semi-stiff feel.  This larger diameter cord is great if you want a stiffer halter that is not too severe. 

Halter type:  Semi Stiff

Pattern Colors:  Forest Combo - hunter green, burgundy, tan

                            Patriot Combo - red, white, blue

                            Violet Combo - raspberry, purple, black

(Once again, the raspberry strands of this combo are polypropylene, not polyester.  Refer to previous explanations for further details.)



1/4" Polyester Halter Cord:

Constructed with a polyester cover over a polyester core.  This cord is very stiff (Clinton Anderson halters) but the cover is braided with a fine weave making it smoother and less abrasive on the horse's face .... and on my hands! .... than halter cords made by other manufacturers.

Halter type:  Stiff

Solid Colors: Black, Tan, Brown, Hunter Green, Burgundy, Blue, Purple, Red, Neon Orange, Yellow, Neon Green, Coral Pink, Raspberry (raspberry yarn is polypropylene - see notes above)




3/16" Halter Cord:

Constructed with a polyester cover over a polyester core.  The stiffness is similar to the 1/4" halter cord, but its thinner diameter makes it more aggressive and gives it more "bite". 

Halter type:   Stiff

Pattern Color:  Black/Tan


                          Burgundy/Hunter Green

                          Purple/Raspberry (raspberry yarn is polypropylene - see notes above)



Comparison of all sizes of Halter Cord

top to bottom:  3/16", 1/4", 5/16"

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Due to various reasons, I have decided to discontinue Samson Rope (originally used by famous TV trainers and clinicians like Anderson,  Parelli and many others).  It is excellent rope but Artcraft Braid rope is equal in quality and performance, and is much more economical - you don't have to pay for the nationally known brand name.    The Stable Braid is sold out but I do have some halter cord left.

Samson Halter Cord:

1/4"     Halter type:  Stiff

Colors: Black, Tan 


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Discontinued Premium Rope ~ Clearance-priced

In order to simplify my product line and reduce paperwork, etc., I am discontinuing all rope except for Artcraft Braid rope.  There is nothing wrong with this rope, I just need to reduce my inventory.  Products made with the following rope are clearance-priced and will be available only until supplies last.  Prices are listed on the various product pages where available.  (Only the rope portion of items with custom trim and knots will be discounted.)  Also available as cut lengths/bulk quantities for your own projects.

Polyester Accessory Cord (AC):

This cord is constructed with a braided polyester cover over a parallel polyester core.  It is not a double braid rope and cannot be spliced.  It is softer than 1/4" double braid rope. 

1/4" diameter for halters, side pulls, bitless bridles, etc.

Halter type: Very Soft

Color:  Black


RJ Double Braid Polyester  (RJ):

This rope is manufactured by a company in California that makes rope specifically for the equine industry. It has a  braided polyester cover over a braided polyester core.  This rope is also softer than other 1/4" rope  - great for foals or very sensitive horses.

1/4" diameter for halters, sidepulls, bitless bridles, etc.

Halter type:  Very Soft

Color:  Tan


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RJ Double Braid Polypropylene / Polyester (PPE):

Constructed with a braided polypropylene cover over a braided polyester core.   This rope, although not as durable as the double braid polyesters, is a huge step above regular poly (derby) rope often used for lead ropes. 

1/4" diameter for halters, sidepulls, bitless bridles, strings, rope slobber straps, rein connectors, dog leashes, etc.  

Halter type:  Soft

Colors:  Pink, Purple


1/2" diameter for lead ropes, long lines, reins, mecates, etc.

Colors: Pink Not much left



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24 Carrier Halter Cord (24C):

A premium halter cord with a 24 carrier (strand) polypropylene cover—most standard halter cords have only 12 or 16 carriers.  It is not quite as stiff as Samson Halter Cord and has a slightly larger diameter (5/16") making it ideal for those wanting a firm halter that is not too severe. 

5/16" diameter for regular or extra knots halters, sidepulls, etc

Halter type:  Semi Stiff

Solid Color:  Black      


Double Braid Polypropylene / Nylon  (P/N):

The cover is made of polypropylene which is not as resistant to wear as polyester, but the quality of this rope, like the PPE,  is a huge step above regular poly (derby) rope. The nylon core provides excellent strength properties.  It is softer and lighter weight than polyester ropes and it has a slightly flatter shape.   [This rope makes excellent reins but I prefer the double braid polyester for lead ropes.  However, I have sold many lead ropes made with this rope and those customers are very satisfied with it,  In fact, there are some professional trainers who use this same rope for their tack line.]

5/8" diameter for reins, mecates

Solid Colors:  Blue   Not much left



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General Information on Rope Fibers:










Very Low



Resistance to Abrasion


Very Good


Resistance to UV light




Resistance to Rot/Mildew




Resistance to Acids




*most high quality rope has been treated to make it more UV resistant

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Types of Splices

Eye Splices

Double braid rope has the capability to be spliced into eye loops of varying sizes. Eye splices are made by placing the cover into the core and the core into the cover. Splicing retains approximately 90% of the average new rope strength and is the preferred method of attaching snaps instead of making knots (which significantly reduces the strength of the rope) or using rope clamps (which often break or come undone). I also lockstitch all eye splices to ensure the splice stays secure.

Back Splices

Double braid rope can also be back spliced to make a nice finished end. A back splice is made by placing the cover into the core and then burying it inside the body of the rope. This is a neat, permanent way to terminate the end of a line and is so much more attractive and durable than melting the end (the method most often used to finish solid braid ropes).

Both types of splices make the rope a little thicker and less flexible in the spliced area.  It also adds weight because the rope is doubled.  This is beneficial because the added weight on the popper end makes it easier to twirl and "throw".  On the halter or bit end, it helps give a faster release - your rope will drop away faster because it is heavier.

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Eye splice close.jpg (99050 bytes)


Back splice close.jpg (99061 bytes)






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